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IO2. Learning design models

Start date: 2021-03-01

End date: 2021-10-01

IO2 leader: UNIZG FOI, Croatia

Learning design (LD) is a methodology for enabling teachers/designers to make more informed decisions on how they approach designing learning activities and interventions, which is pedagogically informed and makes effective use of appropriate resources and technologies. LD is a well established approach to designing learning activities and in recent years there have been several strong research initiatives that are trying to deepen the understanding how LD influences and it is influenced by new technologies and innovative pedagogical practices. By integrating IO1 results with existing LD models and also focusing on how to identify and validate expected student workload and desirable effects of specific LD decisions we will develop new and improved LD models which will be implemented and validated in the scope of the IO4 and IO5 respectively. In order to support this process, new “LD planner” tool willbe developed which will help educators in implementing and later validating their Learning Designs.