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IO5. Partnership Manifesto

Start date: 2022-02-01

End date: 2023-04-01


Based on the idea that the necessary change shall not be the work of one person (or of one institution, or of one law) the partners will explain how strategic partnership can be used to improve practices and principles of teaching and learning and transition towards Education 4.0. in computer science and related disciplines. In the frame of this IO, basic conditions and rules for further cooperation will be manifested. This will enable continued cooperation accelerated thanks to the project. Such manifesto shall include the institutional processes that need to be taken to define joint efforts and goals in partner’s future together, in the context of institutional transition to Education 4.0. It will be built on the experience and the conclusions this partnership, involved teachers and students will gain within development and piloting phases. The document shall be further used by similar organizations as well as transferred to different educational levels.The idea is to enable other similar HE organisations to accept and sign this Manifesto and to join TEACH4EDU4 community of researchers and teachers within computer science and related disciplines. The community will have a joint goal to improve the existing knowledge and to provide their experience and materials to the joint pool of resources. Manifesto will be a reflection by practitioners within this partnership about the vision and purpose of Education 4.0 and of their role in it, based on the piloting in the project. It will indicate the changes which are necessary if we want education to contribute to Industry 4.0.