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IO4. Guidebook on the use of learning data to create evidence-based learning design decisions

Start date: 2021-03-01

End date: 2022-12-01

IO4 leader:  TALLINN UNIVERSITY, Estonia

The benefits of Learning Analytics for the institutions, staff and students are multiple, such as improving student retention, supporting informed decision making, increasing cost-effectiveness, understanding students' learning behaviours, providing personalized assistance for students and timely feedback. The current landscape of learning design depicts the visual representations of the outcomes from LA, especially dashboards, as an easy to understand and concise way of presenting valuable information. In order to connect learning design (LD) and learning analytics we will develop a guidebook on the use of learning analytics data to create evidence-based learning design decisions. The aim of this guidebook will be to support teachers and educators in making evidence based LD decisions and to support them in evaluating the effects of these decisions.