On Tuesday, March 21, 2023, the last, 5th meeting of the TEACH4EDU4 project consortium was held in Barcelona, ​​organized by the partner Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Escola Politècnica Superior  d'E dificació de Barcelona (EPSEB), by prof. Ariadna Llorens.

The meeting included open activities, finalization of project results, discussion on sustainability, transferability, impact, achieved qualitative and quantitative indicators and the possibility of further cooperation between partners. Teachers from partner institutions who participated in the implementation of Joint Creative Classrooms (JCC) presented experiences and conclusions from their classrooms, and shared their perspective on their sustainability.

The project sought to pilot the Education 4.0 approach, as a direct response of academic institutions to the challenges of Industry 4.0. As a central part of the project, the so-called Joint Creative Classroom (JCC), as a subject concept in which several teachers from partner institutions participate. The Joint Creative Classroom is a subject created and performed by several teachers from different institutions according to the principles of Education 4.0 for students from different countries online, contact or combined. A total of 8 such courses were piloted on the project, with 25 teachers and over 200 students were involved. It is important to mention that this concept is the basis for maintaining Blended Intensive Programs (BIP), i.e. for realizing the concept of the so-called internationalization at home.

meeting barcelona