On February 14th 2023, at Faculty of Management Science and Informatics of University of Žilina in Žilina, Slovakia, multiplier event titled “Ready4Edu4 in Slovakia” was held. Goal of this event was to disseminate intellectual outputs to wider audience and investigate their transferability potential to different subject areas. This multiplier event was planned, organized and executed by team members of FRI UNIZA.

The event consisted of two parts. First part started with opening sessions:

10:00 – welcome – dean of the faculty, Prof. Emil Kršák

10:15 – introduction – Peter Márton, project manager of the TEACH4EDU4 for University of Žilina

10:30 – 11:15 – Education 4.0, summary of IO1 – Dalibor Gonda

11:15 – 11:45 – Learning design tool – Michal Kvet

11:45 – 12:00 – discussion related to the first part, photos

Second part consisted of:

13:00 – 14:00 – sharing experience from the JCC – Jana Uramová, Michal Kvet, Michal Gregor

14:00 – 14:30 – final discussion, questionnaire for participants, summary – Peter Márton

The presentations were performed by project team members:

Peter Márton – about the project

Dalibor Gonda – Education 4.0

Dalibor Gonda – IO1 summary

Michal Kvet – Learning design tool

Jana Uramová – JCC

Michal Gregor – JCC

Michal Kvet – JCC

The total number of registered attendants was 31, from which 19 came outside of the consortium and 13 from the UNIZA (beneficiary). There were 10 representatives of 7 IT companies, 6 representatives (teachers, vice deans) from 4 HEIs from the Czech Republic and 1 from Slovak HEI (teacher). Students were represented by 2 representatives of the Student council of Slovak HEIs (official representative institution of Slovak HEI students).

It is very important to note that participants have been very interested and actively involved in the event. They had a lot of questions and suggestions for the future use of the JCC courses and how to develop this concept for the future. They were interested in educational materials with good ideas for the sustainability. Discussion related to the first presentation of Mr. Dalibor Gonda (Introduction to Edu 4.0) was also very interesting with question focused on possibility to apply “the flipped classroom” approach for the course with big number of participants. There was discussion after the second presentation of Mr. Michal Kvet (Introduction to the Learning Design web environment). The meeting participants discussed different topics related with the web environment. Discussion related to the JCCs presentations was very interesting as well. Questions were focused to specific courses and to experience of teachers and students. IT representative gave a proposition to develop the JCC in form of cooperation for 4 semesters (master degree study) in the frame of student project development – cooperation of IT company, teachers and students from different institutions (countries).