On March 14th 2023 multiplier event “Ready4Edu4 in Spain” was held on the Institute of educational sciences, in the classroom 1.1. EPSEB., with 25 participants.

The hosts of this event are members of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya project team, presenting Ariadna Llorens as coordinator of the UPC team.

Some of the conclusions from the participants were that students today are more experts than professors in using the new ICT tools, it’s very interesting to enroll students in the management of the class. The future is coming very rapidly, Edu 4.0. means lifelong learning and constant changes. Today, there is completely new way of teaching, effort to achieve student’s attention is huge. That’s why methodologies presented in the project are very useful, also virtual approach.

The aim of this event was to promote the transition towards new forms of learning and teaching in HEIs (Higher Education Institutions) emphasizing the possible cooperation between HEIs towards the needs of the IT sector, exchange opinions and collect proposals on possible ways to promote and future application of project results in society.

r4e4 spain 1