Within the Erasmus+ project Accelerating the transition towards Edu 4.0 in HEIs – TEACH4EDU4, on February 23rd, 2023 Multiplier event Ready4Edu4 in Serbia held in organization of the University of Belgrade – Faculty of Organizational Sciences, in Belgrade, Serbia.

Goal of the multiplier event was to disseminate intellectual outputs to wider audience and investigate their transferability potential to different subject areas.

The event consisted of three parts: First part started with opening sessions and welcome remarks by Professor Sandra Jednak, Vice-dean for International Cooperation. Then, Professor Aleksandar Marković introduced the audience with content, aims, activities and outputs of the project. Second part consisted of lectures delivered by two keynote speakers, Mrs Jasna Ristić, from The office for information technologies and eGovernment, on the topic “Digitalizing Serbia”, and Mr Nemanja Ognjanović, from company Telekom Srbija a.d., on the topic “Telco industry in the service of Edu 4.0”. In the third part overview of project results by the project packages was presented, with special review on JCC that have been created within the project. These presentations were performed by Nikola Zornić, MSc, and assistant professor Srđa Bjeladinović.The multiplier event was concluded by comments and questions from the audience, fulfilling the questionnaires about the event and awarding the certificates of participation.

The total number of registered attendants was 38, from which 35 came.

It is very important to note that participants have been very interested and actively involved in the event. They had a lot of questions and suggestions for the future use of the course and educational materials with good ideas for the sustainability.

This multiplier event was planned, organized, and executed by team members of Professor Aleksndar Marković, Nikola Zornić, MSc, and Bojana Ivanović Bovan, MSc.