The interactive workshop titled “Applying and Translating Learning Design and Analytics Approaches in your institution” was held on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022 at the Online Educa Berlin conference by TEACH4EDU project members professor Bart Rienties from the Open University and professor Igor Balaban from University of Zagreb.

The workshop introduced the use of the developed Balanced Design Planning (BDP) tool for educators working in hybrid and blended contexts. In the context of the TEACH4ED4U project, this relates to the use of the tool for courses developed in collaboration with two or more partner universities with learning design as part of the TEACH4EDU4 project result in Joint Creative Classrooms.

The tool is focused on intended learning outcomes and automated learning analytics and is currently developed and tested with 160+ practitioners from 10 institutions and 9 countries as part of 3 EU projects (eDesk, TEACH4EDU4, RAPIDE) and is available for other institutions free:

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