TEACH4EDU4 proudly publish the result of activities under Intellectual Output 2 led by the Faculty of Organization and Informatics. The result includes the  learning design (LD) models. LD is a well-established approach to designing learning activities and in recent years there have been several strong research initiatives trying to deepen the understanding how LD influences and it is influenced by new technologies and innovative pedagogical practices. By integrating IO1 results with existing LD models and also focusing on how to identify and validate expected student workload and desirable effects of specific LD decisions, different LD models have been developed. This document describes the Learning Design (LD) used for Joint Creative Classrooms (JCC) course development under IO3. Teachers involved in the project within different Joint Creative Classrooms (JCCs) used the proposed learning design tool (T4ELD) to design their own courses that will be taught as JCCs. Their individual proposals were then reviewed and mapped back to the proposed templates in T4ELD and further improved. Furthermore, the online tool T4ELD enables the design of courses under JCCs following the OULDI methodology and three proposed templates were created. Teachers involved in the project used T4ELD to plan, design and re-think together about the courses they will carry out as JCCs. 

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